Reading Diaries: Nothing Breaking the Losing

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Welcome: FIELD KITCHEN ACADEMY 2019 – Silence with the Consent of Sound with Juliana Hodkinson

A Few (more) Silences by Aaron Finbloom & Sandeep Bhagwati

Window Piece: Seeing and Hearing the Music of Peter Ablinger by G. Douglas Barrett

‘Please, do not turn up the volume’: quiet microsound and the displacement of auditory perspective in works by Miki Yui by Tina Rigby Hanssen

Listening to Noise and Silence by Salomé Voegelin

Presenting Absence Constitutive silences in music and sound art since the 1950s by Juliana Hodkinson

Supplementary Appendix – Juliana Hodkinson


In my daily life, I spend about 5 hours every day on a phone screen. Work, family, entertainment, all of the above. One of those gets checked but I still hypnotize myself with a 5″ screen. I used to ride the metro with headphones using noise cancelling, but I thought it was actually alienating me even more. The subsonic and the supersonic are part of what we feel, despite of not being heard. In our daily life, how much of these senses we forget?

I am grateful that I got to read about the 4’43” work and the works of Miki Yui. They made me think about all the essential that is invisible and ignored. As my 5 hours of phone usage, what other senses am I blocking? I used to meditate and practice daily qi-gong, later yoga, now nothing. I think about those moments when my mind was completely immersed into another state and I can’t think of anything else I experienced that was similar. The silence seems to be more important than the music, but why would I avoid it so consistently?



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