Reading Diaries: BECOMING ANIMAL

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 Berger, John, (1992) ‘Why Look at Animals’? In About Looking. London, Vintage International.

Bruns, Gerald, ‘Becoming-Animal (Some Simple Ways)’ New Literary History, Volume 38, Number 4, Autumn 2007, pp. 703-720

Beaulieu, Alain, ‘The Status of Animality in Deleuze’s Thought’. Journal for Critical Animal Studies, Volume IX, Issue 1/2, 2011

Harraway, Donna, (2003) The Companion Species Manifesto. Chicago, University of Chicago Press



Going through the proposed texts, I was wondering what was the connecting thread and how would I get to a conclusion about them. It was with Berger’s text, “Why look at animals?” that I already started feeling how I was immersed in the content that it was difficult to distinguish my own experiences from the ones described.

My memories from loving animals and hunting them; but respecting them and knowing myself superior to them are all conflicting with each other. Thoughts about society and how I feel about our roles as members of a pack while we are vaguely familiar to our own animal nature leave me with reflections about why all my kids toys have cartoonish figures but I still take them to the farm to connect to the real ones.

From the text of Bruns Gerald ”Becoming Animal”, I found interesting to review well known paintings and anecdotes but there was an interesting connection to Deleuze-Guattari and artists as ORLAN. It made me think about all the invisible threads that connect concepts like cyborgs with sexuality and ultimately what it means to be humans and post humans.

Beauliu walks ya through other aspects of Deleuze’s thoughts and he connects  them with modern thinkers such as Horaway and Baker, situating being an animal and a human as a matter of perception. My own context for reading these is one of scientific approach, as he mentions it, insufficient to give an explanation till this date to all these interpretations that seem to be more accurate than just understanding animals as a separate thing from humans. Even reflected in Horaway’s manifesto, animals get a role that is constantly questioned and rethought. My thoughts about this is how every topic is political and how much of this dimension I have been blinded by embracing the scientific approach. And this is the same as admitting that there’s other dimension to nature and to reality that I’ve been ignoring, in the same terms that others ignore how pets bring love and healing that otherwise would be ignored.

Thinking over about how I construct the world around me, the arborescent model seems to be the only one I’ve been formally instructed about. But the real world I know as an adult differs quite a bit from that and it looks much more like a rhizome, where hierarchy is debunked and other kind of order is revealed. Sometimes based on the multiplicity and non linearity defined as anomaly, nothing is individual or a pack behavior but an in-between.


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