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They are alive

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I imagined this world but seeing it in another material. This country, China, but seen from a metaphor. Each of the ants that live in my colony as a citizen, a worker, a dedicated sibling, a rigorous queen. In this metaphor, there is no need for politics or any further thinking. May be if I can see ants as workers and think about their happiness, I will be also able to think about my own role as a father, a worker, a thinker and a pursuer of happiness.

The pictures and the videos posted below the Camponotus Japonica colony I have been investigating, making a special emphasis on how well they take care of their eggs, pupae and larvae. It is very interesting to see that love and dedication exists at microscopic levels. We might be animals, we might be robots but there is this big system where all of us live. Homeostasis is the complicated word used for it. Balance is a word that comes to my mind. But after reading the comments of the crit group I belong to for my MFA, I also think I should be speaking of relationship, unity, plurality and how we coexist.

The aesthetics that I am following are not clear even to me. There is this phrase that sticked to my head about “it’s weird. It’s beautiful. It’s weird and beautiful!” and I think that it comes in different ways in my work. I wish we would all be more inclusive when we think about our role in society. It might happen that the workers in the farm are the fuel of this whole system we live in, regardless how we see them.

Sometimes I feel hopeless when I think what are the heroes in Hollywood movies and how we make graphics of our society as if it’s a pyramid. It might happen that we are looking at the wrong power structure or that we are seeing ourselves from a narrow perspective.


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